New York Series

I have always enjoyed painting the New York Financial District — a great canyon of buildings suffused with light and shadow which produces for me dynamic compositions. In the Manhattan paintings I try to convey the energy, color and excitement I feel about New York. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and New Yorker magazine covers become integral elements in my mixed-media paintings.

  • Frieze 48x60 Acrylic on Canvas
  • George Looking Over NYSE 36x24 Acrylic on WSJ
  • Park Ave 48x30 Acrylic on New Yorker Covers
  • Park Avenue 2 48x30 Acrylic over New Yorker Covers
  • Rebirth Of GM 40x30 Acrylic WSJ
  • Rush Hour Grand Central Station 30x48 Acrylic on Canvas
  • Washington Square 60 x 48 Acrylic on New Yorker Covers